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August/September 2020 Volume 18 Issue 8/9

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From the Virtual Event Chair

ADRP Zooms In: Session Highlights

Networking Sessions, Slack, and an Emcee from TV

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Let's Explore Together

Blair Membership Scholarship

International Stewardship Awards

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Network: Already registered? Start exploring the Attendee Portal and introduce yourself in our official Slack channel.

Learn: Check out the schedule to see what exciting sessions you could attend

Visit: Visit the Exhibit Hall to learn about new tools, products and services.

Recognize: Apply or Nominate someone for the 2020 International Stewardship Awards

ADRP Zooms In: Sponsorship Opportunities

We have worked hard to put together an amazing virtual experience so your representatives can still network and engage one-on-one with potential clients/customers, obtain informative insights about what donor relations professionals want to see by attending thoughtful sessions, and get great exposure for your company.

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From the Virtual Event Chair: What to Expect from ADRP Zooms In 2020

Noël Schiber
Senior Director of Stewardship, Medical Advancement
Washington University in St. Louis

If you’re like me, your world has been rocked. In less than half a year, the boundaries between work life and family life have blurred. Tried and true strategies for building relationships are evaporating in an environment where it may be unsafe to share a table and a meal. Comforting and uplifting traditions are being deferred, delayed, and cancelled. We’re being asked to re-imagine how to do what we do…and to figure it out yesterday.Soooo…how are you doing?

It’s a lot to deal with at once.

But amid the shadows, necessity has inspired us to take chances on new technology and ideas. We’ve been able to focus like never before on having an honest conversation about what it means—and what it will take—to be part of a world that is truly inclusive. We’ve been open about sharing our problems and solutions with each other. We have a real opportunity to emerge as wiser leaders who have the tools in our backpack to bring our colleagues, donors, and friends across an uncharted landscape. Read More...

ADRP Zooms In: Session Highlights

Jillian Ports
Donor Relations Writer
Lehigh University

So far, 2020 has challenged us to be agile and creative in our work. While these challenges present new opportunities, they do beg some questions about the future of donor relations. What lasting changes can we expect? What does effective leadership look like during these times? How do we conduct events and streamline digital messaging? All of these questions and more will be addressed at ADRP’s virtual event, ADRP Zooms In: Exploring a New World of Donor Relations on September 23 and 24, 2020. Read More...

Networking Sessions, Slack, and an Emcee from TV
Get ready to connect and have some fun!

Nancy Masterson-Newkirk
Donor Relations and Stewardship Officer
Rutgers University-Newark

Alyson Bell
Assistant Director of Stewardship and Donor Relationships, College of Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

While the ADRP International Conference had to be cancelled, ADRP Zooms In, our new virtual event, will feature plenty of engaging and interactive networking opportunities to connect and share—more important this year than ever! We are putting technology to work to create unique networking opportunities.

Networking breakout sessions will be available each day. Day one will be divided by industry sector (Education, Healthcare, and Nonprofit) and day two will be divided into topics (Diversity & Inclusion, Hot Topics, and Career Networking). Each of the multiple concurrent networking sessions will have a host and will have limited spaces to encourage dynamic, lively conversation. Read More...

Meet the Keynotes!

Christina Chang
Christina Chang Equity Counseling

Christina Chang will be presenting Leadership in the Time of COVID-(16)19 on Wednesday, September 23.

Read our interview with Christina

Greg Warner
Founder and CEO

Greg Warner will present Fundraising Climate Change and What You Can Do About It on Thursday, September 24.

Read our interview with Greg

Let's Explore Together

Allison Duffy Llorens
Assistant Director of Donor Relations & Development Services
Louisiana State University

As donor relations professionals, we are no strangers to shifting our plans as a result of sudden change. It is evident from the increased collaboration and communication on ADRP’s listserv and growing affinity groups that we remain even more committed than before to our craft and to ensuring a great donor experience.

I know that each of us is facing an impasse—whether we are early in our careers or seasoned veterans in donor relations, our plans have shifted in unimagined ways. But donor relations professionals are resilient. We know that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, right? So join me in embracing and navigating change, together, during ADRP’s virtual event. Read More...

Blair Membership Scholarship Application
Deadline: September 3

This year, we have transitioned our Sheryl A. Blair Scholarships into membership scholarships to those in need, so they may attend our virtual event and benefit from our many other resources.

There will be up to 33 recipients of the Blair Membership Scholarship. Applications close Thursday, September 3. Read more and apply...

Nominate or Apply for the International Stewardship Awards
Deadline Extended: September 9

The ADRP International Stewardship Awards recognize excellence and outstanding accomplishments in donor relations. Since 2017, this program has drawn entries from all facets of the donor relations landscape. We want to recognize your accomplishments and best practices, and honor you as a practitioner in the categories below. Winners will be announced during ADRP Zooms In in September, posted on the ADRP website, and shared in The Hub with past winner profiles and at various ADRP events. Nominate or apply...

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The Association of Donor Relations Professionals (ADRP) is a nonprofit business league organized under the laws of the State of New Hampshire. Its goals are to offer professional development opportunities, to promote the donor relations and stewardship professions, and to foster networking. ADRP is an international organization with members from all sectors of the non-profit world: education, health care, arts, and community organizations.

Our core organizational values are:
Visionary leadership • Absolute integrity • Member empowerment and connection
Service and program excellence • Responsible philanthropy

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