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Speaker Resources

Your primary access point for all things ADRP Zooms In

We are thrilled that you are presenting at ADRP Zooms In and look forward to delivering a memorable virtual event for attendees and presenters alike. Below you will find a list of resources to help you prepare and finalize your presentation, as well as guidelines, and event preparation documents. 


  • ASAP: Review our schedule for accuracy and submit any missing bio/headshots to the ADRP Office
  • September 1 & 3: Attend a speaker orientation training session* If you did not make it to one of our orientations, please watch the recording.
  • September 11: PowerPoint presentations and handouts due to the ADRP Office
  • September 23-24: We're live!
Download the Pre-Event Speaker Resources
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Before you jump to the online resources, here are some guidelines to keep in mind as you craft your presentation:

  • Have fun. Take risks. Don’t be afraid to try something new. You are among friends.
  • Include at least one interactive component in your presentation. Q&A at the end is mandatory. What more can you add to the attendees’ experience?
  • It is strongly recommended that you provide a takeaway for your audience, and it can be anything from a white paper or an infographic to a follow-up work list or reading list (your slides don’t count as a takeaway). Your takeaway will be ADRP will make it available to attendees after your presentation.
  • Use best research and reporting practices. Openly cite any sources (including any images used in your slides).

Presentation Information

Speaker Orientation
  • Presentation Submission Deadline: Any speaker using PowerPoint or a like product must submit presentations by September 11, 2020. Submitted materials must be in their final form and speakers should not make changes to their presentation slides after submitting them. Presentations will be posted online in PDF format for attendees to download prior to and following the event.

  • Submitting your PowerPoint: Please upload your file to the ADRP Office via the following file drop:

  • PowerPoint Template: As ADRP Zooms In is a virtual event, we request that all slides be created using the following template. If you have already made your slide deck, there are instructions below for how to apply the new template to your current deck.
Download the PowerPoint Template

Template application instructions

  • Use of Handouts: Providing examples of the concepts you are describing can sometimes help to solidify a presentation. If you want to share additional resources with attendees, you may submit them to ADRP by the deadline to make them available for your session attendees online.

  • Source Citation: Research used in developing the presentation must be referenced, with sources cited and permission granted, for use of another organization's samples or information.

  • Copyright: Because we are providing recordings and materials to attendees, please do not use any copyrighted images in your presentation that you do not own the rights to. If you have any questions about this, please contact our office.

  • Know Your Audience: Frontline fundraisers may be present in the audience at your presentation, so please be mindful of this fact and be respectful of them and their work.

  • Attire: Most presenters choose to dress in business casual attire for their presentation. Since ADRP Zooms In is virtual, we encourage you to avoid large patterns or bright colors that may be visually distracting for your audience.

  • Cancellations: Please notify the ADRP Office at [email protected] immediately if an emergency may prevent you from presenting a session.

Tech You Should Check

We encourage you to view the helpful information in our Pre-Event Speaker Resources guide in preparation for our live event. The ADRP Office is here to help you with any questions you may have, and much will be covered during our speaker training sessions.

  • Equipment Requirements (page 18)
  • Browser Requirements (page 19)
  • Additional Requirements (page 20)