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February 2021 Volume 19 Issue 2

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President's Message

Promoting Digital Stewardship: Perks and Lessons Learned

Digital Impact Reporting: Between the Idea & the Reality

International Stewardship Awards

Member Spotlight: Melissa Malebranche

My ADRP Highlights

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Impactful Partnerships: How to Start, Grow or Re-energize Impact Reports

March 10, 2021 
10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET

Andrew Bambrough, Associate Director of Donor Communications, Oklahoma State University Foundation

Abby Fox, Senior Director of Stewardship and Donor Communications, Oklahoma State University Foundation

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In Service: The Column of the ADRP President

Keri Kallaway
Senior Director, Donor Relations and Gift Services
Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation

Keri Kallaway

Dear fellow ADRPers,

I am thrilled that this month’s issue of The Hub is focused on one of my favorite elements of our professional world: reporting!

There is an art and science to donor relations and one of the core functions of a best-in-class program is impact reporting.  Impact reporting is critical to donor retention and donor loyalty. Illustrating donor impact helps to build trust with those who invest in our organizations and mission, and building that trusting relationship is cultivation for the next gift. We owe it to our donors to communicate how their philanthropy makes a difference.

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Promoting Digital Stewardship: Perks and Lessons Learned

Mallory Perdue 
Director of Stewardship
Vanderbilt University

As all of us shifted our stewardship practices to adjust to a remote work environment in early 2020, one question plagued our team at Vanderbilt perhaps more so than others—how do we now execute our print reporting projects that have historically been managed in-house? 

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Digital Impact Reporting: Between the Idea & the Reality

Chris Snavely at Ovrture, our Hub Annual Sponsor

Three years ago, we began to build a digital platform that automated the creation of impact reports. This journey (along with numerous patient and insightful clients) revealed that we had to span a number of contradictions...

  • Build an on-brand experience for each donor while achieving the economy of serving hundreds of clients.
  • Distribute thousands of reports simultaneously while enabling delightful and deep personalization.
  • Allow for efficient, client-specific data ingestion while being agnostic to a client’s specific CRM.

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 Apply Today: International Stewardship Awards

Reflect on your successes in the last year and consider submitting an application or nomination for the 5th Annual ADRP International Stewardship Awards.

Organizations are encouraged to apply who, in the last year, excelled in:

  • Digital Communications: Used a platform to share data or send personalized messages to donors
  • Events: Hosted a new and engaging event
  • Impact Reporting: Discovered new methods to express impact to donors through reporting
  • Innovation: Changed the way we do business and connect with others

Consider submitting one or multiple entries this year! To learn more about entry guidelines and the application process, please refer to the International Stewardship Awards page

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Member Spotlight: Melissa Malebranche

Melissa Malebranche

Melissa Malebranche
Donor Relations and Stewardship Manager
New York University

ADRP member for 6 years

What is your greatest donor relations/stewardship achievement?

I hope my greatest career achievement is ahead of me! But before transitioning to the Donor Relations and Stewardship team at NYU, I was the stewardship liaison for the School of Professional Studies. I did a full fund inventory for SPS—this meant going through old files, finding gift agreements, etc., determining which fund belonged where. Doing this made sure we were spending all of our funds and reconnecting with past donors.

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My ADRP Highlights: 

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Annual Report: Mailing List Segmentation
Mary Reed, Grand Rapids Community College

Hello, Does anyone have any great ways they have segmented out their mailing lists as to who gets an emailed version versus a mailed copy?

Virtual Hard Hat Tours
Kathryn Munro, Dartmouth College

Hello, ADRP community! Does anyone have great examples of a virtual hard hat tour of a building under construction?

ISO: Gift Ideas and Vendors for Virtual Events

Linda Dorn, Carleton College

Hello everyone, We are nearing the end of a campaign and exploring options for a virtual celebration...

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Impactful Partnerships: How to Start, Grow or Re-energize Impact Reports

March 10, 2021 | 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET

Andrew Bambrough, Associate Director of Donor Communications, Oklahoma State University Foundation

Abby Fox, Senior Director of Stewardship and Donor Communications, Oklahoma State University Foundation

Planned Giving Stewardship at a Distance

March 16, 2021 | 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET

Jennifer Winnett Denniston, Director of Planned Giving, Plan International USA

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