Measures for Success in Donor Relations and Stewardship

Metrics for donor relations and stewardship is often discussed, but few organizations are legitimately underway in their quest to implement a metrics program. There is a substantial debate about what should be measured and how and many argue it is harder to identify specific donor responses as direct outcomes of donor relations strategy. Join this roundtable discussion to consider the prerequisites, likely impediments, and possible varieties in the structure of a metrics program. Resources will come from published literature and the collaborative expertise of those in the session. Attendees will be provided with a worksheet for structuring the planning of a metrics program at their institutions.

About the Presenter:

Anne Manner-McLarty
President and Lead Consultant
[email protected]

Anne Manner-McLarty is lead strategist for the donor recognition firm Heurista and managing editor of the Journal of Donor Relations and Stewardship. She founded Heurista in 2011 to address the growing complexities of donor relations and stewardship. She and her team work with nonprofits to develop authentic, sustainable programs that provide meaningful connections between mission, beneficiaries, and donors.


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