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May 2021 Volume 19 Issue 5

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Legacy Donor Stewardship: Three Do’s and a Don’t

Inspiring Deeper Engagement Through Student Voices

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ADRP 2021 Highlight: 14th Annual Blair Scholarships

International Stewardship Awards

Member Spotlight: Margaret Stutt

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Epic Fails! Lessons Learned from These and Other Mistakes

June 17, 2021 
10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET

Megan McAndrews, Executive Director of Development, Syracuse University

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In Service: The Column of the ADRP President

Keri Kallaway
Senior Director, Donor Relations and Gift Services
Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation

Keri Kallaway

Dear fellow ADRPers,

I remember being in a meeting with my Senior Vice President a few years ago and hearing him share the statistic that more than 70% of planned gifts are revocable. Let’s pause for a moment and let that soak in—70%! And, recently when reading this Bloomerang article I saw this statistic cited once again.

There are several reasons why stewarding planned giving donors is important, but we also need to understand why donors commit to planned gifts. 

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Legacy Donor Stewardship: Three Do’s and a Don’ts

Suzanne Bellanger
Assistant Director, Marketing Stewardship
Brown University

It goes without saying that donors who have provided for your organization through an estate provision are among your most committed supporters. After all, they care enough about you and your cause to include you among their family and closest friends—it’s no small thing.  Even though they don’t provide an immediate revenue source, their impact (both now and in the future) should not be overlooked.

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Inspiring Deeper Engagement Through Student Voices

Tara Gorvine
Deputy Director, Stewardship
Yale University

Though the past year has been difficult in so many ways, like many teams we have had silver linings and successes, and work that began years ago is now paying off. These are accomplishments born out of hard work and patience, finding the right technology, trying new things, and learning from our peers in ADRP. Our progress has been iterative and often slow, but arriving at this point is a heady feeling.

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Are budgets more of a barrier? Connect with someone at Eleven Fifty Seven who can help.

Register Today: Virtual Workshop Hosted by the Midwest Regional Committee
Thursday, June 24 | 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM CT

Join your fellow donor relations professionals in this virtual event hosted by the Midwest Regional Committee. Sit in on a panel discussion on digital best practices, a presentation on DEI, and networking opportunities where you can connect with colleagues. 

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ADRP 2021 Highlight: 14th Annual Blair Scholarships

Blair Scholarships Banner

In an unrelenting effort to support donor relations professionals' growth amid the ongoing pandemic, we are excited to announce we are now accepting applications for the 14th Annual Sheryl A. Blair Scholarships. Blair scholarships will cover the cost of up to 17 registrations for the ADRP 2021 (virtual) International Conference.

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Apply Today: International Stewardship Awards

Reflect on your successes in the last year and consider submitting an application or nomination for the 5th Annual ADRP International Stewardship Awards.

Organizations are encouraged to apply if, in the last year, they have excelled in:

  • Digital Communications: Used a platform to share data or send personalized messages to donors
  • Events: Hosted a new and engaging event
  • Impact Reporting: Discovered new methods to express impact to donors through reporting
  • Innovation: Changed the way we do business and connect with others

Consider submitting one or multiple entries this year! To learn more about entry guidelines and the application process, please refer to the International Stewardship Awards page

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2021 Secure + Tailored Digital Reports: Learn More with Ovrture

Member Spotlight: Margaret Stutt

Margaret Stutt

Margaret Stutt

UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

Associate Director of Donor Stewardship

ADRP member for 5 years.

What is your greatest donor relations/stewardship achievement?

It could be when we made someone cry from a meaningful moment, when a donor was so moved by a thank-you video that they pledged a six-figure gift, or when a corporation awarded a second multi-million dollar grant after being thoroughly impressed with our digital reporting and impact measurement. 

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My ADRP Highlights: 

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Planned Giving Impact Reporting
Danielle DewittSpectrum Health Foundation/Helen DeVos Children's Hospital Foundation

We are working on a strategy to steward our planned giving donors and one idea that came up was an impact report, possibly sharing stories of gifts that came to fruition.

Tiering Scholarship Reporting
Jessica Tate, LSU Foundation

This will be the first year one DR team (of 7 employees) will be responsible for all scholarship reports for our university (nearly 2,000 accounts!)

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Upcoming 2021 ADRP Webinars

Join us for the upcoming May webinar! Register now to save your spot for this in-demand webinar. 

ADRP June Webinar: Epic Fails! Lessons Learned from These and Other Mistakes

June 17, 2021 | 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET

Megan McAndrews, Executive Director of Development, Syracuse University

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