In Service: The Column of the ADRP President - April 2023

Cheryl Smith Lintner

Executive Director, Donor Relations

Hackensack Meridian Health Foundation

It’s kind of hard to shout out an enthusiastic message in a static written column. Stage directions might help.

Cheryl enters from stage right with a bullhorn. She taps it, and whispers “Is this thing on?” Then, she shouts:


Followed by horrendous ear-screeching feedback (because this is the kind of performance anxiety that I have). But everyone cheers anyway because we’re all in agreement that ADRP volunteers are nothing short of amazing.

April is Global Volunteer Month, and I want to highlight the people that make this organization what it is. I am often asked, what do ADRP volunteers do? Well, that’s a long answer…here’s the short of it. Our volunteers…

  • Draft and Edit Content for The Hub
  • Post Media on Facebook, LinkedIn, and our website/blog
  • Solicit Sponsorships
  • Research and Present Industry Trends
  • Plan Regional Conferences (*Three* this year!)
  • Plan the Annual International Conference
  • Solicit, Select, and Host Monthly Webinars
  • Organize Virtual Workshops
  • Run the International Stewardship Awards Program
  • Manage Blair Scholarship Selection
  • Encourage Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives
  • Nominate and Select the Board (who are also volunteers themselves!)
  • Develop Educational Curricula
  • And, we even have volunteers who lead Volunteer and Member Experience!

This is just the surface. Many of our volunteer committees have (multiple) subcommittees! Some volunteers work independently, others meet across different committees to collaborate, and all form the backbone, brain, and heart of this organization. Suffice it to say, ADRP runs on volunteers. Everyday we are grateful for the dozens and dozens of volunteers who continue to give ADRP their time and your talent. 

Thank you , volunteers, for everything you have done, and continue to do, for ADRP.


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