Member Spotlight: Noël Schiber

Background Info
Can you tell us about your career trajectory? How did you come into donor relations as a career?

My degree in communications led to an internship at a science museum’s development office where I began to learn all the tools of the trade. It turns out that I had a knack for storytelling and wonderful mentors in the cultural realm, medicine, and youth development who gave me opportunities to hone it!

What influenced your interest in and passion for donor relations?

Every day, I get to meld data with heartfelt experiences and stories to build positive, rich relationships among the people who benefit from our mission and the people who believe in them. It’s a perfect job for someone like me who wears their heart on their sleeve!

What lessons, words of advice/inspiration would you like to pass on to other donor relations professionals?

Always be open to learning. Be quick to credit your team for success and to elevate them when you must go back to the drawing board. Be honest with yourself about what you love the most–managing processes, people, or both.

Can you talk about a specific donor engagement or stewardship activity that makes you feel like you are providing the best experience for donors and/or aid recipients?

I got a big hug from a professorship donor at the end of the events my team produced to celebrate the installation of the surgeon who had given the donor a life-saving transplant. That spontaneous gesture was worth every second we put into many late nights and mountains of details–especially when I thought of all the other families who would get hugs from their loved ones because of this surgeon the donor supported.

Connection to ADRP 

When did you become an ADRP member? 


Why is ADRP membership important to you? 

ADRP has not only given me opportunities to stretch my leadership skills in the field, but also to forge friendships with amazing colleagues around the world.

ADRP is universally recognized as the authority on donor engagement for the philanthropy profession. In your own words, how does ADRP serve you in the form of professional development?

ADRP is, hands down, my go-to place for learning the latest in theories, best practices, being an ally for DEI, and technology for better donor relations. I try never to miss the webinars, and I hope to make it back to the international conference in 2023. Also, having the chance to help shape the field by serving on ADRP committees is invaluable. If you’re thinking about volunteering but haven’t reached out yet, do it today!

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