From the Editors - January 2023

Marcelle Austin, Editor

Suzanne Bellanger, Associate Editor

Rachel Humphrey, Associate Editor

Almost nine months ago, we introduced you to The Hub’s editorial board of Marcelle, Rachel, and Suzanne. We are so very pleased to bring you this newsletter each month. Thank you to all readers (almost 3K!). Thank you to the many contributors who have been gracious enough to partner with us so far. Thank you to the ADRP staff who are integral to delivering this member benefit.

We’ve made a lot of changes since we started, and we’d like to show it off and invite you to be a part of The Hub–new and improved!

You may have noticed the:

  • Updated the look and feel of The Hub
  • Content calendar complete with themes
  • Comment section for your immediate feedback
  • Collaboration with ADRP volunteer leadership for content
  • New content types: listicles, graphics, restructured member profiles and personal insights
  • Outreach, outreach, and more outreach to the ADRP community for content submissions

The Hub can only continue to be a source for industry best practices, community, and inspiration if we have a steady stream of fresh content from ADRP members.

That being said, you don’t have to write an article! We don’t want The Hub to just be a collection of full-length articles every month. We want it to be a vibrant combination of media that draws readers in and is fun and easy to absorb. Here are some ideas for content beyond your typical article:

  • Listicles - 10 Reasons I Love Working in Donor Relations
  • Poems - How about a haiku?
  • Videos - An interview, a tour of your office, an opinion piece
  • Interviews - Interview someone you admire and send us the transcript or video!
  • Memes, jokes, and other humorous tidbits

And don’t think you have to be alone in creating this content. We would love to see crowdsourced listicles, articles written by a whole team, etc. Collaborate and get creative!

We will provide support! Have a great idea but need help deciding how to approach it? Want help with editing and structure? Please reach out.


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