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Breakout Session 6B:
Strengthening  the Partnership between Frontline Fundraisers and Donor Relations

Kathy Drucquer Duff

Thursday, September 24
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Session Description

March through September has brought numerous changes to our work. The focus on stewardship and engagement has never been higher, but that also brings with it enormous responsibility to strengthen relationships with our front line partners to ensure engagement is strategic and experiential. This session will provide tips, tools and important considerations in building a stronger crosswalk to support donor strategy and donor experience, while strengthening the way we work with our natural partners. Having served in a frontline capacity as well as led donor experience teams, Kathy will provide examples and takeaways in this interactive presentation/discussion.

Keywords: Collaboration; Partnership; Strengthening Relationships

Who Should Attend


  Suitable for all audiences Suitable for any size shop

Mid level and above


Learning Objectives

  1. Stronger tools for collaboration
  2. Enhanced approach for building partnerships

About the Speakers

Kathy Drucquer Duff
Fundraising Coach and Consultant
KDD Philanthrophy, Inc

Founder of KDD Philanthropy, Kathy has been on the frontlines of fundraising for more than 26 years. She served as Associate Vice Chancellor of University Development at University of California San Diego where she led a team accountable for an annual goal of over $70 million. Before that, she was vice president of philanthropy for Sharp HealthCare Foundation, where she was co-architect of $100M campaign. She also served as associate vice president of university relations and development at San Diego State University, co-creating a fundraising plan that led to a $500M campaign.