ADRP Introduces My ADRP

Earlier this month, ADRP introduced its newest members-only benefit, My ADRP. My ADRP will serve as your new center for connecting and engaging with other ADRP members. For instance, you can:
  • Add connections on your My ADRP profile
  • Create posts within specific communities
  • Reply to others’ questions, search past topical posts
  • And show off your projects and successes

A feature of My ADRP that we're most excited about is the ability to upload and share documents, resources, and other files with other ADRP Members. Over time, My ADRP will be bustling with members. This new platform will not only replace the current ADRP member listserv, but take communication to a whole new level! 

The ADRP Listserv is going away?! What will we do!?"

Have no fear, fellow stewies! ADRP has a brand new digital communication tool called My ADRP that is 1,000 times more user-friendly and intuitive than our lovely, yet technologically-dated, listserv. How does it work? It's simple: log in at with your ADRP username and password. Take a look at Communities.

The General Community is analogous to our current listserv - everyone is already a member, and that's where you'll post questions and comments that you'd typically send out to the entire listserv. If you want to communicate with area-specific donor relations professionals, join an interest Community and post there.

There's a bunch of Communities already set up for you, or you can create your own. My ADRP functions just like a listserv too - you "post" your question and comments in a Community, and you'll receive responses in that Community location when logged in AND via your personal email. You can set it up to receive responses in real-time or as a daily digest.

What's more, you can reply to posts directly from your email without logging into My ADRP, and your response will be added to the post within the Community. The benefit to posting while logged into My ADRP is you get to add fun features like photos, gifs, and play around with formatting/fonts. You can even upvote a response as Best Answer. You can make connections and use private messaging as well. Pretty cool, right? (My tween tells me people don't say cool anymore. Sorry, but I'm old school, and it IS cool.)

Still confused? Hey, me too. And I kind of know this stuff. So go try it out! I think you'll find you really enjoy the way it works, and it's easy to navigate. So take the leap and see what happens!

- Cheryl Smith Lintner 
Board Director, Association of Donor Relations Professionals
Executive Director of Donor Relations, 
Hackensack Meridian Health Foundation

If you haven't yet logged in to the My ADRP site, we encourage you to begin exploring this new resource by using your login credentials associated with your ADRP account. Instructions for logging in, updating your profile, connecting with other ADRP members, and creating your first post or reply can be found in the My ADRP User Guide.

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