Angela Altamore PhotoADRP President's Message

July 2022

Angela Altamore
Associate Vice President, Stewardship and Donor Engagement
Kansas State University Foundation

Hello Reader,

I’m not a writer. The idea of writing a monthly column for all members is rather intimidating. In fact, that portion of the ADRP presidency was one of the tasks that scared me the most! Recently, I’ve found myself flexing my writing skills more than usual. I’ve been doing so much – from writing performance evaluations, to developing a presentation for faculty, to working on some top-secret projects for the conference. The good news is that all of this is helping me power through my lingering Covid brain fog and come up with some cohesive words that don’t seem like babbling.  Some days the words flow easier than others, but I’m getting there.    

I’m not a writer, but here is the funny thing: sometimes the more exposure you have to something, the less intimidating it becomes. Writing to you each month has become a bright spot for me. I think about you, reader. In my mind, you are curled up in a comfy chair, with a mug of hot chocolate (with whipped cream) and a blanket (it is currently 102 degrees in Kansas as I am writing this), eager to tear into your newest The Hub email and dive into all the great content the editorial team has pulled together. I realize that it’s more likely that you will read it in between meetings on your cell phone, or while you are waiting to pick up kiddos from soccer practice, or maybe two months after it landed in your inbox and you finally dig it out. But thinking of you reading in a cozy setting makes me feel somehow connected to you and helps me feel like I’m writing to an old friend. 

I hope there’s a portion of your job that has pushed you outside your comfort zone and helped you grow as a professional. What is that task and how has it helped you expand your skill set? Think about the person who asked you to do that task/project/initiative to begin with. Take a moment to send them an email or mail a brief note of thanks. Think of them like you would an old friend and let them know how much you appreciated the challenge they sent your way and the belief that they showed in your success. I promise the joy you bring to them by sharing this will be worth it. 

I’ve never been a writer, until suddenly one day…I was. 

With gratitude,