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May 2020 Volume 18 Issue 5

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Donor Relations Through a Gender Lens: Focus on the Female

Donor Relations Through the Generations: Mother and Daughter Member Spotlight

ADRP 2020 Conference Update

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COVID-19 Resources for Donor Relations Professionals

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Gender Matters: A Guide to Growing Women’s Philanthropy  
Kathleen E. Loehr (2018)

Loehr focuses on the specific individual, team, and organizational adaptations necessary to increase philanthropic support from women.

The Women’s Philanthropy Institute 
The Lilly Family School of Philanthropy

The Women’s Philanthropy Institute exists to conduct, curate, and disseminate research that grows women’s philanthropy. Sign up for their e-newsletter, explore their vast (and free) research library, and read up on the history and leadership in the field of women’s philanthropy.

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In Service: The Column of the ADRP President

Michal Shaw
AVP of Donor Relations
Oklahoma State University Foundation

Michal Shaw

Approximately five years ago I was thrust into a new venture and tasked with learning all I could about women’s giving. I was to assume the role of Director for our women’s philanthropy program – Women for OSU. In addition to my continued role in donor relations, assuming oversight and casting vision for Women for OSU (WOSU) has been incredibly meaningful, personally and professionally. 

For WOSU, the collective focus and attention is not on any one donor but on how as a Council, together, this group of leaders can impact our institution. Today women view philanthropy not so much as “giving” but more as “investing” – investing in change, investing in the future, and investing in causes that are personally meaningful. It was during a 2012 keynote that I heard Jennifer Buffett define philanthropy as “the love of people,” and it is the love of people that propels WOSU forward. This is a group of women who love people and their community, and they DARE to DREAM and DO to make the world a better place.

Some of the things I’ve learned during my journey with WOSU include:

  1. Women and men are often motivated and give differently;

  2. In households, women are often the philanthropic decision-makers and investing in learning more about gender differences in philanthropy will impact your bottom line; and

  3. While women want to connect with each other, they also have a strong desire to integrate with men to tackle tough issues.

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Donor Relations Through a Gender Lens: Focus on the Female

Suzanne Bellanger
Assistant Director, Stewardship Marketing
Brown University

I’ve been reading a lot about the role gender plays in charitable giving and the significant contribution that the female population has made—and continues to make—across all non-profit sectors. It’s challenged me to think deeply about how my team and I approach our work in donor relations. And, I’ve learned that by not considering gender when crafting stewardship and communication plans, we’re missing a huge opportunity.

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Donor Relations Through the Generations: Mother and Daughter Member Spotlight


It’s not often that Donor Relations is a family affair, but as more people join our profession, we are beginning to find overlap between the generations. Just such a relationship was discovered at the 2019 ADRP Conference, when Kris Caldwell, Director of Donor Relations at Kenyon College, and her daughter, Kellyn Caldwell, Assistant Director of Donor Relations and Stewardship at the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation, were interviewed together for a short video. Building upon the stories they shared, we asked them to talk more about their experiences in our field.

Read Kris and Kellyn's Complete Interview

ADRP 2020 Conference Update

The ADRP Board of Directors and Conference Committees have been working hard to shift the original plan for the 2020 Conference due to COVID-19. Details are still being finalized and will be officially announced shortly. We appreciate your patience with us as we pull together more information. 

 ADRP Has a New YouTube Channel!

Recently, ADRP's Board of Directors launched a YouTube channel. Keep yourself up-to-date on the latest news, events, and resources. 

Watch the latest video: Donor Relations Research Roundup: Revenue Trends During Economic Downturn

COVID-19 Resources for Donor Relations Professionals

In light of current events, the ADRP Board of Directors, members, and office staff have curated a handful of helpful resources for donor relations professionals available on the ADRP website. This page includes links to videos and relevant sites to help guide you and your organization during this time. 

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The Hub is seeking article proposals for new monthly issues!

Do you have a success story you would like to share? How did you handle a particular problem or project that seemed insurmountable? Have you discovered effective tactics that help gain a seat at the table? What are your thoughts on best practices or new, emerging ideas that take a donor relations/stewardship program to the next level?

We want to encourage our members—new and experienced—to share their insights, best practices, and what works (or doesn’t work!) when planning their shop’s programming and responsibilities.

We welcome all submissions related to donor relations and stewardship, but we especially encourage ADRP members to step forward and share their expertise and experiences in the profession.

The submission form is available any time you have an article proposal to submit. We have included the webinar topics for each month, in case you would like to tie your article to a specific webinar topic.

Please submit your article proposal today! We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

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