May 2019 Webinar

When an Outdated Donor Wall No Longer Works for Your Donors or Organization
Presented on May 7 by:

Rosalind HerbsmanNorthwell Health
Wendy KayeNorthwell Health

Session Description:

Hear how one hospital planned for integrating historic and new donors of $100,000 and over onto a new donor display that both honors donors in a significant way and serves as a work of art for a busy lobby corridor. Included will be strategies used for removal of old recognition, setting new donor recognition standards and establishing gift level guidelines, informing donors of the change, creating temporary donor signage, securing a vendor that shared the vision, working with hospital leadership to ensure both hospital and Foundation goals would be met, and planning the dedication event. Additionally, learn how the event served as an opportunity for a pre-campaign launch. The event also served as a way to steward and cultivate donors -- both past and present.

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