ADRP Film Festival

And the winner is.....

Creating the Future: The Tremendous Impact of Student Scholarships
Description: Medical student, Jessica talks about receiving her scholarship from Dr. Denno to help with her medical school tuition. She is the first in her family to go to college and the first to go into medicine. 


Finalist Videos:

Curing a Child, Preserving a Childhood
Description: Meet Rylie, an 8-year old who's winning her battle against cancer thanks to the medical and emotional support she's received at Children's National Health System. In addition to providing innovative therapies for children with cancer, Children's National offers psychosocial services like child life specialists, psychologists, and music and art therapists - all funded through philanthropy.

I Could Be The One
“I could be the one” showcases our new “One UC Davis” brand as well as highlighting the unique ambitions of our donors and faculty and how they will transform UC Davis and the world going forward.


Runners Up Videos

Walking on Sunshine

Description: The donor relations department created this video to celebrate the successful completion of our capital campaign to build a new hospital, and to thank all of our campaign donors. It was sent to all donors who gave $1,000 or more to the campaign and put on our social media channels.

Purdue Day of Giving Thank You Video
Description: Purdue University received $7.5 million from 6,500 donations during its first Day of Giving on Wednesday, April 30, 2014. The Purdue Day of Giving was a 24-hour, online and social media event that focused on student affordability and accessibility, among other areas. The day's theme was "Opportunity Granted."  This video was posted on May 1, 2014, less than 12 hours after Purdue Day of Giving wrapped up.


Thank you to everyone who submitted a video for the ADRP Film Festival!

Thanks to Our Sponsors!

Description: A very special thank you to the wonderful sponsors of the 2014 Children's Ball

Alexander Copes with Blood Transfusions Through Music Therapy
Description: This video was part of our 2013 #GivingTuesday campaign, which raised over $155,000 in support of children's services at NYU Langone. Viewers meet nine-year-old Alexander, who was diagnosed with an inherited chronic blood disorder called beta-thalassemia when he was nine months old. Since then, every three weeks, he comes to NYU Langone Medical Center for a blood transfusion to counter the possibility of severe anemia. His appointments at the Hassenfeld Children's Hospital can last all afternoon. Alexander mentally escapes from his hospital surroundings by playing the piano and engaging with his music therapist. Music therapy is one of the many child-life services funded by KiDS of NYU Langone, an organization of parents, physicians, and friends who support children's services at NYU Langone through philanthropy, community service, and advocacy.


All In for Seattle Children’s
Description: This video kicked off the 2014 workforce giving campaign at Seattle Children’s. The campaign doubled the number of employee donors over the previous year.

Celebrating Scholarship Donors
Description: Video was presented at Brown's Scholarship Donor Celebration in October 2013. It profiles three scholarship recipients who couldn't have attended Brown without scholarship aid.

Annual Giving Rhett thank-you video
Description: After a successful Giving Day that brought new alumni donors¿many of them young alumni¿we needed a way to keep those new donors engaged, and make them feel appreciated. Our solution: a cute puppy. We aimed to create a video that donors would watch all the way through and share in their networks. We are carrying the imagery of our real-live Rhett the Terrier (the University's mascot) through the Annual Giving appeals this fiscal year. This video received over 2000 views within the first two weeks of going live. 

A Birthday Wish for Tom Cotter (University of Montana Foundation)
Description: A thank you/stewardship video to demonstrate impact of donor’s scholarship support in a different way. This donor was elderly, and therefore we wished to honor him on his birthday (he ended up passing way a couple months later).

A Day In The Life
Description: The video is a powerful introduction to the unique style and scope of education offered by SAIT Polytechnic. It offers the inspiring perspective from the president as she begins her day, taking viewers on a magical tour in SAIT labs and classrooms. Its aim is to instill pride in those who are connected to SAIT and to motivate others to explore the institution.

EVMS Game Changer
Description: EVMS' Game Changer video is a compelling story that thanks employees who have supported the 2014 employee giving campaign, and cultivates those employees that have yet to give to the EVMS Fund. Until now, many EVMS employees have misunderstood the use of the EVMS Fund. This video was not only shared with those donors who supported the "Game Changer" employee giving campaign, but was shown at multiple EVMS employee events and new employee orientation. 

KSU Campaign Thank You
Description: Thank you video at the conclusion of Kennesaw State University's first ever comprehensive campaign. The idea was to keep it simple, yet convey a strong message of gratitude from those impacted the most -- our students. 

Osher Reentry Scholarship (University of Montana Foundation)
Description: Thank you/stewardship video for donor to show impact on students.

Oregon State University Student-Athletes Send Thanks
Description: This year we asked a few Oregon State University student-athletes the following question – What opportunity will you be forever thankful for that was provided by coming to Oregon State?  This video was sent to 4,000+ donor to athletics who made a gift in the current fiscal year. This was an opportunity for our student-athletes to say thank you to the donors that made their scholarship to OSU possible. To-date the video has had 2,329 views.


Planned Giving video: Education is a gift. Pass it on.
Description: In contrast with traditional Planned Giving videos, we set out to create a lively, bright piece about the impact of planned gifts. Each of the students received a scholarship from a donor who has since passed away. Although they can't thank their own donors, it was meaningful to have them thank those in BU's Claflin Society who have included BU in their estate plans and will support future students. 


Denison Invitation
Description: Denison needed a way to reconnect with older donors, drawing attention to updates we've made to campus, the increase in faculty, and the recent dramatic rise in the academic profile of our students. Though still in touch, many of these donors have not been back to campus for some time. We decided to soft-sell Denison's upward trajectory with an unconventional video to excite our venerable benefactors about returning to campus for Reunion.

Thank you, Mills College donors
Description: Brief profiles of three students who received scholarships funded by donors to Mills College. The students thank donors directly for their support. A link to the video was included in a thank-you email signed by our college president that reported on fundraising successes for the previous fiscal year and acknowledged the support of alumnae, parents, and friends. The email went to every single donor who made a contribution the previous fiscal year.

You Make a Difference
Description: Every year the Foundation produces a stewardship video that is used during stewardship events and is sent to donors either via email or 'special packaging.' This is our 2014 thank-you video. 

Thank You James Wallace Society
Description: This video was created for our 2014 James Wallace Society Dinner, an annual recognition event for planned giving donors. The students featured in this video all received scholarships funded through planned gifts. The goal of the video was to capture students saying thank you in their own words and to show our planned giving donors the kind of experiences they will make possible for future Macalester students.

Thank You State Employees!
Description: Oregon State employees raised $778,761.80 for the 2014 Governor's Food Drive. The total calculates to about 3.2 million pounds of food. They were the largest employer donation to Oregon Food Bank. We made this video to say thanks.

UVic Donor Thank You 2014
Description: This short video captured the casual, candid and unrehearsed appreciation our students have for the donors. With a shoestring budget of $1,400 total (for filming, editing and music), we relied on luck and ingenuity, hiring two alumni (a filmmaker and a musician), paying them well, while staying in budget. After sharing this video with our donors by email, dozens of warm responses came back.

What about the Kids?
Description: This video explains the effect of abuse on kids, and that we are here to help.

Where does this all lead, exactly?
Description: This is part of a series of videos made for our recently completed campaign, "Go Beyond: Campaign for Wheaton." This illustrates the effect Wheaton, particularly through its Filene Center for Academic Advising and Career Services, has on students' experiences. 

The Y. So Much More
Description: The Y presents: Gym to Generosity.

The Y, Tori: Give. Join. Volunteer.
Description: The Y: So much more. From Athletics to Achievement. See Tori's story. Give. Join. Volunteer.

Thank You, Donors!
Description: I produced a series of 3 videos as campaign stewardship for our $1 billion Momentum Campaign for scholarships. Alumni were asked to share the impact scholarships had on their NYU education. We sent these videos strategically at the end of the calendar year, academic year, and fiscal year in the hopes of inspiring future giving, in addition to the message of thanks. All annual fund, LYBUNTS, SYBUNTS, and scholarship donors and received a 41% open rate. Although our website doesn't allow us to track if a gift directly resulted, one donor said it was the nicest thank you she'd ever received, and we received many thank you emails in response. 

Season's Greetings to our Donors

Thank You, Donors!

Welcome Class of 2018

"Impact by the Numbers" & "I could be the one"
Description: These videos were released to celebrate the successful conclusion of UC Davis’ first billion dollar campaign. “Impact by the Numbers” began this celebratory gala by encapsulating the stunning list of achievement our donors made throughout the campaign. We ended the gala with “I could be the one” which showcases our new “One UC Davis” brand as well as highlighting the unique ambitions of our donors and faculty and how they will transform UC Davis and the world going forward. 

Impact by the Numbers