ADRP Committees and Volunteers

It takes a team to help ADRP succeed. Throughout the year, ADRP's events and programs require dozens of volunteers to manage content, attendee experience, marketing, and more. Thank you to all of the generous volunteers who help ADRP thrive!

2017–2019 Committee Members

Conference Committee

Mary Weingartner, Conference Chair
Michal Shaw, Board Liaison
Paige Amick, Content Co-Chair
Katy Galli Kreps, Content Co-Chair
Noel Schriber, MarCom Co-Chair
Sam Sanchez, Sponsorship Chair
Brandon Braud, Diversity & Inclusion Chair

Conference Content Committee

Paige Amick
Kate Brett
Carrie Casper
Angel Colarusso
Andrea Devine
Katherine (Katy) Galli-Kreps
Gina Galluppi
Theresa Hancock
Joni Jordan
Mary Helen Martin
Jo McCourt
Christine McGuire
Baily Molotsky
Christian Nelson
Kris Vasquez
Brie Wilson

Awards Committee

Gian Booker, Chair
Angela Altamore, Board Liaison
Kelly Batstone
Kelly Brennan
Isabel Brouhard
Debbie Meyers

Nominations Committee

Kathleen Diemer, Chair
Kristen Batten
Jeff Muller
Jaime Porter
Daphne Powell

Blair Scholarship Committee

Annie Madio, Chair
Pamela Havens
Jacqueline Chagnon
Leslie Bleiweiss
Amanda (Mandy) Carlson
Tauna Shoemaker

Website Committee

Ashleigh Manktelow, Chair/Board Liaison
Suzanne Bellanger
Tony Englert

Sponsorship Committee

Larysa Gradeck, Chair
Jessica Veitch, Board Liaison
Lori Green
Domenica (Nikki) Gear

Digital Education Committee

Kirsten Lavin, Committee Chair
Carolann Clark
Danielle DeWitt
Mark Lanum
Brie Wilson
Lauren Shoor

Regional Committees

Gina Galluppi, Co-Chair, Los Angeles
Tracy Mlakar, Co-Chair, Los Angeles
Natalie McGee, Los Angeles
Alicia Rhymes, Los Angeles
Joanna Riester, Midwest
Katie Kutney, Co-Chair, NYC
Kelly Brennan, NYC
Aimee Clark, NYC
Sasha Deieso, NYC
Kate Jankowski, NYC
M. Nayeli Garcia Mowbray, NYC
Stephanie Lamphere, NYC
Cheryl Lintner, NYC
Anne Paige Wilson, Southeast
Lynne Hodgson, Toronto

Volunteer Coordinator Liaison

Megan McAndrews

AASP Best Practices

Katie Kallmyer, Co-Chair
Necie Steward, Co-Chair
Kristen Batten, ADRP Board Liaison
Melanie Armstrong
Nora Blessner
Beth Flynn
Tracy Forkin
Vaishali Revollo
Jennifer Riordan
Sarah Sims
Cynthia Tuomi
Rick West